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Supply Chain Management

Focusing on effective logistics and supply chain management can provide a major source of competitive advantage.

Suttons International believes the active management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers, optimises the supply chain and delivers superior customer service at less cost. As Suttons Arabia develops, it will utilise the experience of the wider Suttons Group and bring a complete supply chain management service to the region in the future.

The Suttons International Approach

Within Suttons International, we have the knowledge, skills, systems and physical assets to optimise customers supply chains. We understand the dynamics of the supply chain with fluctuations in demand and changes in product sourcing.

Suttons approach optimises the supply chain, reduces waste and achieves the best 'cost to serve' model as we take responsibility for key aspects of the supply chain.

To manage and optimise the supply chain, Suttons uses a systems control platform. This control platform manages all aspects of the supply chain through a dedicated, highly qualified team of engineers and logistics experts operating leading edge systems for management information, control and customer service.

This system driven optimisation provides clear visibility across our customers sectors, their supply chains and their suppliers, reducing cost and creating more value for all supply chain stakeholders.

Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management