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Drumming & Packaging

Drawing on Suttons International's experience in chemical packaging, Suttons Arabia can implement a bespoke drumming service for both hazardous and non-hazardous products as a stand-alone service or part of a complete end-to-end logistics solution. Using state of the art automated equipment we can provide a safe, high quality and efficient service specialising in the packaging of products in drums and IBC’s of all sizes.

We can build a packaging solution to specifically meet our customers requirements. This can include installation and management of equipment through to the provision of packing, warehousing and distribution facilities. Our designers will identify the appropriate equipment and safety features and work with you to ensure a smooth and reliable packaging process.

Operator and environment safety can be ensured by bespoke safety features including extraction systems, scrubbing equipment and emergency response procedures.

Product quality will be maintained through dedicated handling equipment safeguarding the product from degradation or contamination. We can also introduce filtration to the discharge process adding stabilisers or injecting drums to improve safety and prolong product shelf life.

Suttons Arabia’s Added Value

Suttons Arabia will provide all necessary transport documentation, provision of dispatch services including pallets, labels, securing straps and ancillaries. Quality assurance can be validated using on-site analytical equipment producing the appropriate Certificate of Analysis.

Drawing on Suttons International's experience of designing and building a sophisticated drumming operation allows us to take that knowledge and apply it anywhere in the world.

Drumming Drumming Drumming